If I’m good at fixing things, what electrical jobs should I not attempt to fix myself?
• Stay away from old wiring or anything that’s out of your comfort level.
I would like to have you do wiring, an installation and some maintenance. How should I prepare for your visit?
• Please clean the area that we’ll be working in and move any boxes out of the way.
There are so many kinds of light bulbs on the market today. What type do you recommend?
• LEDs are the new standard. We don’t recommend
compact fluorescent bulbs because they take time to
warm up in cold weather.
I live in an area that is seasonally affected by hurricanes. How can I protect my appliances from  the effects of flooding?
• You will want to make sure that everything is ground fault (GFI) protected in the basement.
How soon can you respond to my needs if I call for an appointment?
• We can come within a day or so if it’s an emergency. For work that isn’t urgent, we schedule our appointments a few weeks out.
How long is the warranty on the jobs that you do?
• We offer a one-year warranty on all the work that we do.